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How To Get Ready For That Massage

How to Prepare for a Massage – The Dos and Don’ts

It’s massage day, and you’re hopeful that you’ll float out of your appointment on a dreamy cloud of relaxation and relief. Your therapist is equally hopeful that they’ll be able to achieve this for you as well.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran of the massage table, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your session to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to get the absolute most out of the time with your therapist.

We’ll start off with the Dos

Give yourself time to relax before your appointment

A relaxed mind is a relaxed body, and the calmer and more at ease you are before your massage, the more relaxed and ready your muscles will be in preparation. Make sure you give yourself time to get to your appointment, time to settle in, and time to mentally move into that space.

Drink enough water

Your body is mostly water, so it stands to reason that your body loves it when you drink water and stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water in the leadup to your massage and afterwards will keep your muscles hydrated and happy.

Shower beforehand

Showering before your massage has a few big ticks of approval. Firstly, a hot shower will help your muscles relax and prepare for their pampering. Secondly, it’s nice to feel clean and ready for your therapist to work their magic. Lastly, showers are just a nice little moment to yourself to clear your mind and reset.

Wear your comfiest clothing

Massage sessions have a wonderful added benefit of being an appointment you can show up to in your track pants, baggy shirt, and low maintenance footwear – in fact, it’s encouraged. You’ll likely be removing some items of clothing and having oil or other products applied to your skin, so tripping over fancy shoes and staining your Sunday best isn’t ideal for anyone involved!

Let’s quickly run through the ‘don’ts’ of massage therapy preparation

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Don’t eat right before your appointment – a lot of food swimming around and digesting in your stomach might detract from the comfort of your massage

Don’t leave your phone on full volume – you’re there to relax, not to listen to how many things are asking for your attention in an hour

Don’t come to your appointment sick – massage and sickness don’t go well together, neither do your therapist and your germs!

Don’t drink and massage – alcohol dehydrates the body and actively works against what your therapist is trying to achieve. Don’t drink before or after your massage.

Don’t stay silent – If there’s a particular treatment style, pressure amount, or area you’d like to focus on/avoid, tell your therapist beforehand.

Don’t forget your hygiene – whether you work outdoors or you’re coming from the gym, try to plan a shower before your massage so your skin is clean and ready for your therapist (and it’s courteous!)

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